About the Summit

Message from Executive Director, Jeff Forester

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Who should attend:

Local units of government and their partners, tribal resource managers, lake associations, lake service providers, angling and sporting groups, tourism interests, resort owners, and business organizations—anyone concerned about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. We all have a role to play in protecting our waters from the impacts of aquatic invasive species.

There are many ways to participate in the Aquatic Invaders Summit III, and new ways to attend. For the first time, the Aquatic Invaders Summit will be a hybrid meeting, and will be live-streamed over the internet. If you are unable to attend the Summit in person, you can register (at a lower cost) to view the conference on-line and participate by asking questions via the live chat feature. On-line participants will have access to select sessions as well as view interviews and informative video content between sessions and during breaks.

For others that have a conflict that day, there are options to buy sessions after the event.

At the Aquatic Invaders Summit II on February 28 – March 1, 2018 you will:

  • Learn about innovative and collaborative local Minnesota AIS Prevention Programs and how local units of government along with their county and state government partners are utilizing their County AIS Prevention Aid,
  • Explore new ways to use technology, including Smartphones, to fight AIS; educational programs for youth; and new approaches for behavior change in adopting AIS prevention practices,
  • Learn about the ecological and economic impacts of AIS,
  • Learn about new treatment protocols to manage AIS infestations,
  • Meet businesses and service providers that can help you build better local programs,
  • Have an opportunity to network with others in your region,
  • Earn Continuing Legal Education Credits as you develop effective legal tools for protecting Minnesota’s waters from AIS,
  • Hear about successes, new approaches, and research on aquatic invasive plant and animal management in infested lakes and rivers—including Starry Stonewort, Minnesota’s newest invader.
  • Build valuable partnerships and increase local capacity across a broad sector base for successful AIS prevention efforts,
  • Understand how to close the pathways of AIS introduction and reduce the risk of infestation,
  • Explore issues around rapid response to new infestations and effective inspection and decontamination programs,
  • Learn how the business, resort, and sporting communities can be effective partners in stopping the spread of AIS …………………….………AND MORE.